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This is home for the brand of Rhona "Rho" Bennett (Miss R&B). As an entertainer, personal power life coach and entrepreneur, Rho continues to increase her efforts for making an impact in the world.

"I relieve stress and bring joy for a living."

— Rhona Bennett (Coach Rho)

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Introducing the ALL NEW 12-week Course - Being Bacon!

Personal Power University is here with an ALL NEW 12-week online course! 'Being Bacon' is a course developed by your Personal Power Coach, Rhona Bennett, to empower the perfectly imperfect you.

Through this program, Rhona is here to help you identify your limiting beliefs, overcome personal obstacles and transform your mind-set in a step-by-step process to empower you with taking the next best steps in your life. You will also become apart of a supportive community, as well as have access to guidance from Rhona herself. This program has limited spaces available, as Rhona is only able to coach a few students at a time. It's here to help you live in purpose, and on purpose. Click the box below to find out more, and see if this is a great fit for you. Your greater days are ahead...!

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What Makes My Courses Different?

Holistic Teaching Style

12-weeks of webinar lessons with Coach Rho and her unique style of tackling BIG subjects in a smaller amount of time.

Powerful Connections

An exclusive online community of PPU alumni with Mastermind sessions; along with the annual PPU retreat/vacation for rejuvenation, transformation and celebration.

1 on 1 Sessions

Personal coaching sessions, with Coach Rho, to make sure that you're on track to achieving real results from the course.


About Coach Rho

A native of Chicago's vibrant music and performing arts scenes, Rhona Bennett (Miss R&B) has the voice, style, gritty sense of self-determination and lifelong dedication to her craft which has helped her realize her dream and much more.

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With over 27yrs professionally in the Entertainment Industry, Rhona Bennett's talent has graced the studio, the stage and the screen.

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