Monnika Pruit

Monnika Pruit

Monnika Pruit

PPU Graduate

"What can I say about Personal Power University!!!!
I've cried so much because it has ended I'll tell you that.
When I started 3 months ago I was broken in so many ways. I had been dealt a hand that I didn't know how to play. Coach Rho is amazing! During the exercises I discovered a lot about myself; things I thought I had let go and things I didn't even know about myself.

I discovered how to be whole. Coach Rho showed me how powerful words and actions are, and I learned how to confront what was stopping me and holding me back no matter who or what they were. It was the most intense and powerful journey I have EVER been on. Coach Rho was there for every tear I cried and every time I had a breakthrough.

I speak and walk differently because of Coach Rho. She wants the best for her students. She really does. Whether it's in the group or one-on-one she is there. She doesn't let her already busy schedule stand in the way of helping us to succeed. I have watched things I speak manifest right before my eyes. I can't write the amount of emotion I feel for this class. I can't write the amount of emotion I feel for

Coach Rho. There isn't an amount big enough to put on what she poured into my life. For anyone who has ever or will go through this class, take advantage and give 100%! If you do you will be smiling a koolaid smile like me. If you give it your all you will be blessed by what Coach Rho has to give. Coach Rho showed me how to get my life back better than before. Learning about me. Concentrating on me! Putting me first!!! And now I AM BACON!!!!!”

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