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This bundle is a compilation of my writings to support you on your journey of self-exploration and empowerment. You deserve to live your best life! Let these books be a companion to you while you uncover any limiting beliefs, face personal obstacles, and embark on the inner transformation necessary more...


Got Motivation


I wrote this book because of the many times I’ve had to find the motivation to ‘KEEP GOING’ despite what I was facing. Whether it was tears from disappointment, a feeling of discouragement because of a current trend in the entertainment market, the fear of facing a challenge and more...


Pursue Your Passion


I wrote this book for several reasons. I too, have been faced with finding a way to continue pursuing my passion ‘even with a regular job’. I too, have had to work on my ‘time management’ so that I can take advantage of the 24 hours in a more...


Eating Healthier for Le$$


This book was a long time in coming. It’s something I’d desired to write, and I knew I would have to be really thoughtful in how to approach the subject matter. As many of you know, it can be challenging to eat healthy in a cost effective way. more...


Beyond A Wish


In this book, by getting to know a little bit more about me and the champions I have studied, I am aiming for you to get to know more about yourself, and to gain more clarity with where you are. I hope to provide you with inspiration to ‘own’ more...


Beyond The Fear


By talking to people who are facing or have faced illness and adversity, I’ve gotten the opportunity to uncover and to share with you their vulnerability, power, and strength. For that reason, I decided to lovingly call each person who contributed to this book, “a warrior”, because they were more...


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