About PPU

A Safe Place To Struggle ... A Great Place To Thrive

Imagine Getting The Breakthough You Desire!

The Goal is to equip you with great life TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE, to help you with taking the next empowered steps towards your desired outcome(s).

It's also here to encourage and reveal more of your own EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, to help you make decisions that are rooted in more self-confidence, clarity, and courage in spite of fear.

A Commitment Worth It

Imagine Getting The Breakthough You Desire!

  •  Are you ready to discover more of what you're really capable of?
  •  Is it time to give yourself more support to achieve your goals?
  •  Do you want real tools to help you with taking action in spite of fear?
  •  I'm here to help you do just that. I would be honored to be your coach!

What You Can Expect To Learn

The Journey From Potential To Reality

  •  How to beat procrastination
  •  How to discover, and remove, energy drainers from your life
  •  Strategies on how to let go of what's no longer benefiting you
  •  How to discover, and tackle, needs you may be afraid to admit
  •  Strategies on how to heal a broken spirit

  • How to face and deal with feelings of shame and guilt
  •  Strategies on how to dream and go after your goals again
  •  How to come up with an individualized routine for success
  •  How to get in sync with your own values
  •  ... and so much more

What I Don't Teach!

This course is designed to be a whole-istic approach to successful living. However, I do not teach financial strategies or money management tools; which are also a part of whole-istic success.


Introducing the ALL NEW 12-week Course - Being Bacon!

Personal Power University is here with an ALL NEW 12-week online course! 'Being Bacon' is a course developed by your Personal Power Coach, Rhona Bennett, to empower the perfectly imperfect you.

Through this program, Rhona is here to help you identify your limiting beliefs, overcome personal obstacles and transform your mind-set in a step-by-step process to empower you with taking the next best steps in your life. You will also become apart of a supportive community, as well as have access to guidance from Rhona herself. This program has limited spaces available, as Rhona is only able to coach a few students at a time. It's here to help you live in purpose, and on purpose. Click the box below to find out more, and see if this is a great fit for you. Your greater days are ahead...!

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