Choosing A Path to Enlightenment...

Choosing A Path to Enlightenment...

I was reading one of my favorite books, and I find that every time I pick it up, I get more out of what I am reading. I can remember, the first time I read it, I finished in 2 days! That was huge for me. I had never read a book with that many pages (300) so fast! I was so inspired, and I wanted the information as fast as it could possibly come in. It came into my life at just the right time. And, since then, other books and tools have assisted me, similarly, in navigating my life’s journey. 

My experience continues to show me that this concept of ‘growing’ is an ongoing process. There is a pretty popular statement out there that says, "We are spiritual beings, having a human experience." I can relate to that statement. Aside from being physical beings, there is something that animates us, and gives us emotion; and, for some people, they even have psychic and clairvoyance abilities. 

Also, learning about and dealing with the ego (our self-image and how we distinguish ourselves from others) can be quite a spiritual journey. We are all here being impressed upon by the world of comparisons and judgments. The more I dive into the understanding of who I really am, the more I realize that there is so much more to know. 

Surrendering to the ‘Know Thyself’ pathway has had its ups, downs and everything in between. Being on this path urges you to learn how to embrace the unknown, and to lean on something, a Power, greater than yourself to build faith and endurance in your life. I think we can all agree that we don’t know everything. This vast universe is holding a lot of information that is virtually impossible for most human beings to grasp in this lifetime. 

With that said, trying to understand life’s circumstances, or come to understand something beyond what you can physically see, can be one of the most challenging journeys we take up. Yet it is also what helps us to make even more of this life, and to make room for greater things to happen within it. 

There are several pathways we can travel to experience spiritual enlightenment. Some people go to a Christian church for support, while others practice Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age philosophies including the Science of Mind, and etc. Others just pay attention; they live in the present moment to see what life will teach them next. 

With the intention of your heart to seek for spiritual growth and connection, a path suited just for you will emerge. Cheers to you gaining more courage, and tapping in to more joy, during your pilgrimage. 

Coach Rho

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