A Recipe for Being Great

A Recipe for Being Great

In reading the book by Wallace D. Wattles, "The Science Of Being Great", I found a few jewels of wisdom I would like to share below… 

Whatever you habitually think yourself to be, that you are. It is the habitual, not the occasional, thought that decides your destiny. 

It will not be of use or value to sit apart for a few moments several times a day to affirm that you are great, if during all the balance of the day, while you are about your regular vocation (occupation, business or profession), you think of yourself as not great. No amount of praying and affirmation will make you great if you still habitually regard yourself as being small. The use of prayer and affirmation is to change your habit of thought. 

What you must do is to repeat the new thought of yourself until it is the only way in which you think of yourself. Habitual thought, and not environment or circumstance, has made you what you are. 

Think of yourself as a perfect being among perfect beings, and meet every person as an equal, not as either superior or an inferior. Give yourself no airs (strong praise/mention); great people never do. 

To become great, start by doing small things (at home, for work, with friends, family...wherever) in great ways.   

It can become a welcome mat for greater things to come.


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