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Butterfly In Flight, Inc. "Where Entertainment Meets Inspiration", is proud to offer this selection of products. Everything available is from trusted brands, and our very own Miss R&B. Each item has Rhona's stamp all over it. Her intention is to support, inspire and motivate.

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"Find and Pursue Your Passion ... Even With A 'Regular' Job" is the 2nd mini-book of many books designed to tackle BIG subjects in a smaller amount of time. ~ Living with passion is your birthright. Having that passion included in your everyday life could be just the thing you're looking for that can take your living to the next level... ON SALE! $5.99
We live in a world that is getting faster and faster everyday. Getting yourself the information you need to improve your living may be something you wish to do, but, finding the time to do so, is not as easy. “Got Motivation? How To Stay Motivated” is the 1st mini-book of many from “Rho” designed to break down powerful subjects one by one, in less time, with tools you can apply immediately. #LiveBOLD ON SALE! $5.99
Got Motivation? 
How To Stay Motivated
Find and Pursue Your Passion ... Even With A 'Regular' Job
Eating Healthier for Less
~a Quick Guide to making healthier food choices and finding balance along the way~
'Eating Healthier for Less' is a book I wrote to service a need for those of you who desire to know how to make healthier food choices more affordable. It will dispel some of the myths about food, and will help you understand that what you eat today has a direct effect on your energy, vitality, mental toughness and overall success in life. This book will provide you with food alternatives and recommendations for several eating lifestyles (meat eating, vegetarian, vegan, raw); recipes for quick meals; instructions on how to stretch your food budget to feed your family without sacrificing taste, quality or nutrition; tips on where to shop and when to shop, and statistical research to support the information shared in this book. 'Eating Healthier for Less' is a Quick Guide to help you make healthier food choices and to find balance along the way. Let it become your companion to give you direction for a more empowered lifestyle; and, let it refresh your perspectives about healthy living. 
After perusing through this manuscript, it seems to have taken on the cloak of a conversation between you (the reader) and me, communicated with my own style of writing ;-) … It is my hope that you will find sincerity, authenticity, inspiration and great tools to help you in discovering the champion within yourself, and the motivation to expand on what you think is possible in your life. You deserve it. We all do. It is quite the task to fumble through life, wondering if you’re getting it right. "Success is the steady progress towards your personal goals." ~ It is measured differently by each of us. You, alone, set the mark and the standard. 

*** Every single one of us is capable of something greater. ***

In this book, by getting to know a little bit more about me and the champions I have studied, I am aiming for you to get to know more about yourself, and to gain more clarity with where you are. I hope to provide you with inspiration to ‘own’ your choices, and to make new ones if the current ones aren’t affording you the results you desire. The application of philosophies shared in this book can take your dreams of success Beyond A Wish, and into reality.

Beyond A Wish
How To Discover The Champion Within