Touring : The Expedition


Touring with En Vogue, occasional solo excursions, and sporadic speaking engagements keep Miss R&B pretty busy. Check below to see if she's coming to a city near you!

American Tour

June 1st ~ Philadelphia, PA (BBD TOUR)

June 2nd ~ Brooklyn, NY (BBD Tour)

June 9th ~ Dallas, TX (BBD TOUR)

June 10 ~ Little Rock, AK (BBD Tour)

June 17th ~ Kansas City, MO (BBD TOUR)

June 24th ~ Minneapolis, MN (PRIDE)

June 27th ~ Denver, CO (Series Fest Celebration)

July 16th ~ San Diego, CA (PRIDE)

July 22nd ~ Eugene, OR

July 28th ~ Cincinnati, OH (BBD TOUR)

July 29th ~ Detroit, MI (BBD TOUR)

August 6th ~ Columbia, MD (BBD TOUR)

August 12th ~ Milwaukee, WI (State Fair)

August 18th ~ Dover, DE 

August 29th ~ Mankato, MN (w/ Boyz II Men)

August 30th ~ Cedar Rapids, IA (w/ Boyz II Men)

September 7th ~ Montreal, Canada (Private Event)

September 16th ~ Brooklyn, NY (Semi-Private)

September 27th ~ Bakersfield, CA

September 28th ~ Beverly Hills, CA (Private Event)

September 29th ~ Yakima, WA

October 7th ~ Paradise Island, Bahamas

December 2nd ~ Dallas, TX