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This is the 2nd mini-book of many books designed to tackle BIG subjects in a smaller amount of time...

“Find Your Passion” ... It is a term that's being used a lot of late. So many people speak about it, but how many of us really know what it is and whether we have found it? If you haven't found it or you are not sure if you have, do you know how to discover it? “Find and Pursue Your Passion... even with a 'regular' job”, is the next installment in my mini-book series designed to tackle BIG subjects in a smaller amount of time. These books are intended to cater to our NOW generation

Through this particular book, it is my mission to give you the tools to help you find your passion and live a life more fulfilled because of it. I know that some of us are parents, going back to school, working more than one job, etc... Upon completing this book, I can legitimately say that I have 3 jobs right now. I perform with the legendary R&B group En Vogue, I am building my own company and the products (books, music, programming, paraphernalia, etc...) within it at Butterfly In Flight, Inc., and I'm also working at an Alternative Medicine and Health company. You may be wondering how I can pull all of this off. Where does the energy come from? I invite you to read the book and find out ... Some of you are undoubtedly questioning if you even have the time to do this with your plate seeming so full. You could also be thinking that the chance for finding and pursuing your passion has passed you by because maybe you don't feel worthy anymore. Or, maybe because you're going based off of old fears/ what someone else or society says you 'should' and 'should not' be doing. Is this you? /

Come and explore with me in this book whether you'll feel the same way by its end. Through a new perspective and new choices, a new outcome is bound to happen. Living with passion is your birthright. Having that passion included in your everyday life could be just the thing you're looking for that can take your living to the next level.